Employee Should show Discipline

June 16, 2020

Labour Law UAE Article 102 to 112

Workers should not be in-disciplined at work. They have to do their duty as per their Employment Contract but with punctuality and discipline. The employer may take disciplinary action, otherwise. Labour Law UAE articles 102 to 112, throw the light on this situation. It is proved that it is an instruction by the UAE Labour Law, which is covered by UAE Labour Law and fully defined by UAE Labour Law, which is its beauty. It should be noted that the employer is in a position and has the right to dismiss the employee who is not showing discipline at work, or doing misconduct, breaching his duties and causing troubles for others. UAE Labour Law Article 102 particularly tells us about the Disciplinary Rules, those have to be brought in to the knowledge by the employee/employees. It is also important because employees should have the idea of work ethics, discipline and rules. If he is terminated due to these rules then he can not make a claim of Arbitrary Dismissal. Such a Claim can be claimed in court but needs to be proved by the employee. Even if it has been an arbitrary dismissal, then still it needs to be proved by the employee in honourable court. It’s not like that anybody can take any legal action against his employer. Employers are also kept in limitations by the UAE Labour Law. It shows both parties have to practise their rights as per the Law.

Labour Law Firms and Labour Law Lawyers

Labour & Employment Lawyers, other Legal Consultants, Law Firms are made to provide legal assistance. These Lawyers and Experts also provide legal advice and services. But one rule is above all which is Labour Law UAE. Labour Law UAE is a combination of rules, articles, clauses and decisions which define the Labour Law Rules in UAE. Employers and Employee both have to follow these rules as these rules no party can not accede, breach or bypass by either party. If Employee is found breaching his duties and limits then legal action will be considered legitimate, similar for the Employer.

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