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In life, everyone has to face several challenges, milestones, and setbacks. Life is full of challenges and full of subjects that need your special attention and patience. Business, the source of employment etc, is one of the different parts of our lives, where we have to go through the good times, tough times etc. When you are facing challenging events like business disputes, real estate matters, property transfer issues or property buying issues, startup a business, going through a

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Laws are made to Protect

Laws are made to Protect;  Laws are made to protect the individuals who live in a certain country. These Laws are made to protect the businesses that are being managed by entrepreneurs and investors. Laws are made to protect the rights of these entrepreneurs and investors. Laws are made to protect for those who want to buy a property, sell a property or facing a rental dispute. Laws are made to protect every segment of society. Let’s discuss about

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Examples from UAE Labour Law

UAE Labour Law Article 126:  “UAE Labour Law Article 126, tells us that Employment Contracts shifted to new owners, make OLD and new owners, responsible together, will be for 6 Months for holding the obligations, outstandings, benefits etc”. It is an example from the UAE Labour Law. UAE Labour Law is a complete set of codes that protect employees, employers, as well as the existence of a business. Therefore this is recommended to consult the Labour and Employment Lawyers,

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Arbitration Advantages and Disadvantages

How can we explain or define the Arbitration or Arbitration Process? Let’s try to figure it out today. It’s a process but outside the Court called as an alternative of dispute resolution. Please do not mix it with an amicable process conducted by the lawyers of both sides. It’s outside the court but it’s in proper arbitration centres, designated by the government where the qualified and certified arbitrators have to be appointed. There is a fee of the arbitrator

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The Legal Options in UAE

Family Law Rules As per the recent amendment in the Law, now the UAE Law allows you to choose your country law for personal status disputes, which is supported by Article 1, Federal Law No 28 from 2005. Now the personal status or the family law of the applicant’s country can be applicable if chosen by the applicant/plaintiff/complainant or even both parties. Mahr is a requirement in Islamic Marriages. It also has to be decided when the marriage takes

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The Law Firms Business

Law Firms Business means a Law Firm, Law Office or Legal Offices operated on professional objectives. There is no sin to have and run a legal office on professional grounds. Such Law Firms can’t be government offices therefore these law firms or law offices are private entities. These are privately owned and established legal businesses by one, two or many advocates. Please keep in mind, one needs to have a license to practise law then he can also open

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Workplace Bullying

Bullying at the Working environment is definitely not a good thing and not allowed as per Labour and Employment Law. But if you are encountering harassment at your working environment, at that point there are a few different ways you can viably manage this. If you will not then it means you are increasing it yourself. Unlike bullies found in any other place, work environment bullies typically use words and activities to threaten their casualties instead of utilising their

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Dubai Health Care City

DHCC or also DUBAI HEALTHCARE CITY, one of the Free Zones in Dubai, established in the year of 2002, to provide a world-class health care services to people living in Dubai and UAE, from a separate free zone. Hospitals, Clinics, Governmental Departments and health businesses do operate from DHCC. It’s a Free Zone, therefore has its own authority, functional operational infrastructure and separate identity. DHCC also promotes the idea of healthy living, healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. There

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Is Employer authorised to withhold the passport?

The employer is authorized to withhold your passport or not?  A passport is an entity that belongs to its holder who owns it. UAE Law provides independence and totally free movement to employees working in the UAE, as well as everyone. What law states that Employer, Creditor, or any person who has to receive a receivable, can’t keep or withhold the passport. Law does not allow it and provides any provision for this. Only a judge can stop a

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Business To Business Debt Recovery

Business To Business Debt Recovery:  Business to Business Debt Recovery or B2B Debt Recovery is the recovery process between two companies or among companies. Business to Business does not involve the individuals, therefore, it is called B2B. Business to Business debt recovery process is different than a recovery process between two individuals or between individuals and businesses. Usually, much bigger amounts are involved. One can read the Debt Recovery Process here, but we will discuss the importance and the

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