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What is Crypto or Cryptocurrency? It is a new form of currency indeed which is totally digital. It has no paper value, jewel value or any value inside any bank. It’s a digital currency which has a digital value or worth which can be used to buy any products or services like paper currency. Its major drawback is that it does lack centralized regulation and can also be used in money laundering. It is being used in money laundering. It

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ABU DHABI Immigration

ABU DHABI Immigration Let’s discuss Abu Dhabi Immigration. If you are a GCC Citizen or GCC national resident then you do not need any VISA to enter Abu Dhabi, UAE. There are many other countries like the UK, USA, France, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Australia and many others where a free-entry VISA is required for entry. The other countries that do not have free-entrance visa access or visa upon arrival facility or facilities like GCC Nationals, then residents

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Dubai Law

Dubai Law or UAE Law is quite different from the laws in North America or UK. There are many things here considered a crime or offence which are not in USA or UK. It is recommended that first consult the lawyers in dubai or advocates in Dubai or at least legal consultants in Dubai then migrate to Dubai, start a business in Dubai, start living in Dubai etc. These are all law experts in Dubai. These law experts stop

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Non-Muslims and New Family Law

Expatriates in the Capital of UAE, which is Abu Dhabi get a new Family Law for Non-Muslims. It allows them to deal with their divorce, divorce, child custody and other things, under the Civil Law. It creates support for non-Muslims living in UAE. Now if both parties are living in UAE, then they can choose their Law. They can choose their country’s law or the law where the marriage was arranged. It all can be performed while remaining in

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Arbitrary Dismissal as per New UAE Labour Law

Arbitrary Dismissal or Wrongful Dismissal as per new UAE Labour Law 2022 It is not a new Labour Law indeed, but it has been a great revision and advancement until now, as of now. UAE Labour Law is made much more flexible and shorter than before. For example, now there will be only one type of Employment Contract which is “Fixed Term” also called a Limited Employment Contract, for the time period of two years or three years. New

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The Debt Collectors Abu Dhabi

Debt Collector Abu Dhabi is the expert of collection who works and recovers the debts from the market. The debts can be person to person, person to company and person to a company which is also called B2B Debt Collection. It’s a quite serious profession where the professional is the one with extraordinary market knowledge, communication skills, and an expert in Arabic and English Languages. Debt Collection in Abu Dhabi Debt Collection in Abu Dhabi has recently gained immense

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UAE Sharia Law and Legal System UAE

SHARIA Law is the ISLAMIC Law. Most of the part of UAE Law is based on Islamic Sharia Law. It is a major Law in the legal system of the United Ara Emirates. Therefore, Sharia Law becomes the major legislation in the United Arab Emirates. Especially the Family Law for the Muslims totally depend upon the Sharia Law. When it comes to discussing the UAE Law then it means it is mostly based on Sharia Law which is also

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Construction Lawyers

As per the name, the word “Construction” tells us about the process of making the commercial and residential buildings and the name lawyer tells us about the legal profession. So, the lawyers dealing in “Construction Matters and Disputes” will be called Construction Lawyers. Construction Industry is one of the biggest parts of Dubai Economy as well as UAE’s Economy. It was not just about building up the commercial and residential properties for UAE citizens or for those expatriates who

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Salary Certificate Dubai

Salary Certificate Dubai or Salary Certificate UAE, is the documented proof of employment at a company. It is issued by the employer/CEO/owner of the company. It is the right of the employee to get it, and the obligation of the employer to provide, it whenever there is a demand by the employee. It has to be on the letterhead of the company. The company has to put its stamp with the signature by the owner or authorized person. There

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Nursing in Dubai

Nursing in Dubai is a serious career. Dubai is one of those places where this profession is well respected and provides an opportunity to earn well. The city expansion has created the opportunity for several professions and Nursing is one of those. Salary is decided as per the experience of the Nurse. The UAE Nursing experience can let a Nurse have options to earn well and get the respect well. Nursing in Dubai or Nursing in UAE (for all

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