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Default on EMI Payments

The developer has a right not to provide the revised deadline in case if the buyer is failed to pay the instalment as per the sales purchase agreement. Sales Purchase agreement allows the seller not to revise the last date, deadline or another date if the buyer is fully failed to make the instalments. Purchase Agreements can also make a seller capable to cancel the deals if the buyer does not meet certain conditions. Because all such points are

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Personal Injury Lawyers and Benefits

Personal Injury Lawyers have to be experts in Cases for example accidents, negligence, physical torture, medical malpractice, etc. These Lawyers do provide legal services to clients and try to manage compensation, for the clients. These Cases have to be taken care by those who are not just senior advocates but have a great amount of experience. The personal injury lawyers, therefore having a separate and reputed status in the United Arab Emirates. The term Trial Advocates can also be seen used to

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Debt Recovery and Recovery Agents

Debt Collection is a crucial task to accomplish for any business. Nonetheless, it is the most gruesome aspect for the management of any company, firm, or institution to accomplish. Some organizations rely on the efforts of a particular department within the organization, designated for the sole purpose of collecting the bad debts for the successful continuation of the organization’s operations. On the other hand, some institutions hire well-reputed debt collection agencies to accomplish the task of debt recovery dubai,

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UAE, Lawyers, Over Stay and The Expo

UAE VISAS and Details of Fines: UAE and it’s few Emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah etc are the places which everyone in the world wants to visit and see. They want to live here, invest here and enjoy life here. It is one of the reasons that rules and regulations made here are quite strictly enforced. There is no acceptance or tolerance policy here. Visitors come to Dubai and UAE on proper VISA, while residents do live here

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Interests on Loan, Dissolution of Companies

Interests taken on Loans: Article 710 from Civil Transaction Law, defines that the loan will be considered as, the Commercial Loan, if the loan is between two businessmen and the subject will be doing a business or trade. When the deal is between two businesses, it is understood as Commercial Loan. The loan will be considered a personal loan if it is between two persons who are not businessmen or a business entity. These are also known as Individuals.

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Workers Compensation & Documentation

The Compensation for the Employees/Workers: Every workplace has different issues due to which employees go for legal actions. There are some issues which we don’t take much seriously but they are very much serious. Even some people don’t even know those are issues that should be addressed to the employer and if they still do anything about that issue then you can go for the legal actions. When such issues have occurred then either party immediately should seek legal

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Certain Questions to Lawyers

Certain questions need to be asked from the lawyers while signing the agreement with him. Before getting him on board, it is quite important to ask certain questions. Don’t be afraid to ask direct and tricky questions because lawyers deal with such situations on a daily basis. Secondly, you have all the right to ask the questions. Ask the lawyers about their experience and training. If you know you have to incorporate them, you must ask them whether they

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LLC Company To Be Dissolved

Limited Liability Company can be dissolved. We will be having a discussion on the procedures of dissolving a Limited Liability Company. Certain rules need to be followed while dissolving a Limited Liability. Certain rules are defined by the Law. It can all be consulted by Emirati Advocates to get the complete procedure. First of all, Company should be dissolved as per the expiry period mentioned in the Memorandum and Article of Association. When the expiry period comes LLC is

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Family, Divorce Law and Lawyers

Divorce and Khula As per Personal Status Law, Article No.118, if the husband is not found guilty and still the wife is asking for the divorce then her claim or also called a lawsuit, can be fully rejected by the court. After the rejection, either party still can file the case later, this is the right of either party also provided by the same court. But once again the reason must be a valid reason. From the beginning, the

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Real Estate Disputes and EMI Payments

The developer has a right not to provide the revised deadline in case if the buyer has failed to pay the instalment as per the sales purchase agreement. These are the rights granted by Law to developers. All the time or every time developers are not wrong, this is a false perception. The Sales Purchase agreement allows the developer/seller not to revise the last date, deadline or another date if the buyer has fully failed to make the instalments.

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