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How to get a Law Firm

If you are migrating to another country, getting married or divorced; you will need a good lawyer. In order to find professional law firms in dubai, you need to have a bit of knowledge about them. To begin with the qualities of law firms, you should know whether your case actually needs a Law Firm or can you manage without legal help? If you know that the legal case is sensitive, then you should talk to a lawyer. Well, a

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Labour Lawyers and the Services

What to Do when salaries are not paid on time? People start doing jobs with positivity, but with time they are disappointed by the employer. There are employers who do not give salaries on time. They discriminate against their employees and call them bad names, even. In many cases, the women face sexual harassment too. So, when all of these issues come in the company, the employees need to raise their voices, but they don’t because they fear losing

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The Annual Leave Procedures and Systems

The Annual Leave Procedures  The Federal Labour Law’s Article 75, helps us to understand that there is no limit for the annual leave with any kind of workers, whatever the structures are e.g. weekly or it is on daily basis. This Article is known as Article 75 of Federal Labour Law UAE also tells us that a worker is entitled to getting annual leave as two days in a month if he has worked for more than six months

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Employee Has Right To Ask His Cash Allowance

It is derived from the legal article by Advocate Mr Mohamamd Ebrahim Al Shaiba from Gulf  News that the employee has the right to ask his employer for a cash allowance but only for the last two years. More than two years is not allowed. The criteria to calculate such amount is that such amounts or payments will be calculated, as per UAE Labour Law, only on the basis of the wages which are paid to an employee/worker the

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Debt Recovery, Lawyers, and Labour Employment Lawyers

Debt Recovery, Debt Recovery By Lawyers/Debt Collectors Whether you are a debtor or a creditor, Debt Recovery can be quite a challenging job. It is significant to find quick solutions that work for both parties involved. Lawyers or Debt Collectors will ensure that payment is collected timely and that everyone is respected in the procedure. An attorney or lawyer who has specialized in debt recovery dubai can provide lucrative solutions to assist. Let’s learn about what lawyers/debt collectors can

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The UAE Commercial Law and other useful Information

The UAE Commercial Law and other useful Information: Based on the different articles written for Gulf News by Advocate Mr. Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba, we share the legal knowledge for the readers so they could grab the best knowledge here. Lawyer Mr. Mohamamd Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba, is one of the best Advocates and Legal Consultants in Dubai, working throughout the United Arab Emirates. He is among the best Advocates and Legal Consultants and well-admired Lawyers in the

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The Services we Offer

Al Shaiba Advocates and Legal Consultants – Ask The Law, is a Full-Service Law Firm. It is not limited or specified up to few legal services or legal patterns. The company has a large and dedicated team of Lawyers & Legal Consultants, who are categorized among the top Lawyer and Legal Consultants. If we have to discuss the services, offered by the Al Shaiba Advocates – Ask The Law, then we must say that whatever is possible to be

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Researching Legal Consultants

Researching Legal Consultants:  One might never pay attention to the idea of researching legal consultants because until you come across a legal matter you’d rather fill your carts in a shopping spree than going searching what needs to be done if you ever come across a legal issue. Any issue that involves the law or a representation in court or a legal document that needs to be drafted a legal consultancy is your go-to place. Legal Consultants can help

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What Does Labour and Employment Law Cover

What Does Labour and Employment Law Cover: The practice addresses individuals who have been the victim of unjust termination or unfair termination, discrimination (e.g. sex, race, shading, harassment, public inception, religion, age, and disability), Harassment (e.g., Sexual Harassment, Hostile Work Environment), Uncalled for Labor Practices (e.g. refusal of wages, extra time, tip pooling, and equivalent pay), Misclassification, Reprisal, Refusal of Leave (for example Family and Medical Leave Act), Leg Pulling at the workplace, politics at workplace etc, can be

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Legal Consultants and Legal News

Legal Consultants A Legal Consultant is a professional who gives expert advice and guidance in a specific area. These specific areas can be greater than one area usually known as a full-service kind of legal consultant. The multiple specific areas are covered as business, regulation, compliance, family law, labour and employment law, wills and estate planning, taxation, company setups, cyber crimes, damages lawsuit and many other specialized fields. Legal Consultants are the experienced and skilled individual in a particular

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