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Practice of a Law Firm

People always look for law firms that are best when it comes to handling legal matters. Somebody they can trust. But this isn’t a very easy task. This requires a lot of research to trust someone with something so delicate. However, there are many Law firms in dubai that are excellent and well equipped to cater to all sorts of legal issues, unlike the other law firms that claim to do so but can’t deliver it. The legal problems could

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Skills of Labour Lawyers & Limitations

Skills of Labour Lawyers & Limitations The very specific and expert skills required for the  Employment lawyers practising in UAE which helps them in providing the rights of employees to them are the knowledge, power of dialogue, reasoning, communication skills and more. They must be the expert of Labour Law UAE, as well as they must be an expert of professional and ethical manners. They ought to know about UAE Labour Laws if they have to deal with the

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Limited Period Contract

If a Limited Period Contract is not completed by the employee then, then the employer may file the request to MOL to put a Labour Ban on the employee. Additionally, he can also ask for Compensation usually around 45 Days. It happens in a Limited Employment Contract when it is not completed by the Employee which he has to. Such situations can be resolved and disputes can be settled amicably. Employees have only one option which is to convince

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Middle Man is Liable

The UAE Law says that Holder of the Cheque, has an option/right to file a criminal case against Drawer if the cheque gets bounced. Article 401 of the Federal Law No.3 of 1987, states that Fine or Sentence can be imposed by the Law/Court to people who give the Cheque which gets bounced, obviously in a bad intention, when there is no sufficient amount in BANK. Same punishment/penalty is available or imposed on the person who is Middle Man

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When you need an Employment Lawyer

When you need Labour & Employment Lawyer? It’s a simple question whose answer is when there is a need means an Employment Dispute. An employment lawyer practising in UAE is a lawful individual who has some ability of Law in business-related cases including labour disputes. If you acknowledge that you have been unlawfully ended and persecuted, an employment lawyer can oversee you in your benefits as a specialist. They can save your action, along these lines, shielding you from a

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Law Firms and Business Clients

The business has to confront interruption in the market, even sometimes from both ends, e.g. inside and from the customer site. There is just a single thing in each business, which stays steady in each situation, is to comprehend the market rivalry and making the correct move. There are such huge numbers of difficulties for a business in UAE which can be handled by a Law Firm. Law Firms are confronting in a professional manner.  Manage Business Clients: From the

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Your Business Needs Legal Support

People who have businesses require a law firm or a lawyer at least. They need legal support in every aspect of the business. The business can run without the human resources team, but it can never run without any legal support. Moreover, law firms are working for businesses for a long time. If you have decided to open up a business in Dubai, you will come across many lawyers and law firms for your company. But, when you are choosing

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How Can You Choose a Law Firm

A law firm is your legal support. Depending on your case, a different law firm will be hired by you. Sometimes, your legal case would require a lawyer, other times a team of legal experts will be looking after your case. There could be a criminal case, civil case or maybe you just need legal advice. The law firms in UAE are assisting many people according to their expertise. The main problem is to look for a law firm that has

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Information that You Might Need About Lawyers

There is no way that you can avoid a lawyer or legal services. At some point, we need legal representation either in our professional life or personal. You never know when someone would actually accuse of anything that you have not done. Situations change every now and then. There are court trials and much more. One cannot handle it alone and requires a lawyer. The lawyers in UAE are professional and friendly. If you are living in the UAE, then all

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Techniques to Hire a Good Lawyer

Techniques to Hire a Good Lawyer, have been discussed many times before. People think that it is easy to hire a lawyer, but actually, it is not. You are lucky if you find the right lawyer for your legal case in the shortest time. Usually, it takes too much time to locate a good especially when you don’t know anything about legal. There are a few tips that can help you in locating the best lawyers in dubai, at

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