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Significance of an initial Consultation Session

Significance of an initial Consultation Session The Internet is an invaluable hub of information. You can get the answer to any query and ambiguity. You are one click away from the knowledge about anything and everything. However, the internet does not give you tailor-made solutions to your unique legal scenarios. If you are an Abu Dhabi resident, then you need expert lawyers in abu dhabi to help you out in this aspect. There are times in life when you

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Experienced Legal Consultants in Dubai

Experienced Legal Cnosultant in Dubai Legal Consultants are those individuals who are directing their clients on all the legal issues. They have sound information and experience to give legal advice, know how to deal with disputes, and are knowledgeable in drafting essential documents. The primary aim of having a specialist and experienced legal expert is that they keep their clients from getting into danger because of legal conflict. With these experts, the businesses can perform better, keeping the legal

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Why Hire a Criminal Legal Consultant & Lawyer

Hiring a Criminal Legal Consultant If you face any Criminal Act, the first thing is to plan to handle the situation. A study shows most people become unsuccessful in the lawsuit because they are unprepared how to handle the entire criminal case. For this reason, you need to hire a criminal expert. Legal Consultants are very expert at handling criminal cases as they fully prepare themselves for the case. Some of the reasons why one should hire a legal

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Saving your Children From the Worst

Saving your Children From the Worst It is a very trying time for couples who seek or fight for a divorce and the subsequent settlement process. Both the parties go through an emotionally, physically, and financially distressing time. Besides the parents, the children involved, also face a traumatic upheaval during this emotionally difficult phase of life. However, it is rightfully said that after every difficulty there is ease. Hence once the divorce gets finalized with the help of competent

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MOHAP and Health Care Lawyers

MOHAP – Ministry of Health and Prevention The Federal Ministry of Health and Prevention operates on the federal level in all the Emirates including the capital Abu Dhabi and the second most popular emirate Dubai. MOHAP or the Federal Ministry of Health and Prevention has the obligation to execute and implement the federal health policies. COVID precautions and care, or any other health matters, all the government policies have to be implemented and made by MOHAP. It is connected

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Setting Up Business in Dubai: Professional Help

Setting up Business in Dubai If you want to start up or manage your business in Dubai, there are a few things you should take care of. There are so many things to look at when you start a business, for instance, financial aspects, the right place for operating your business, and other resources. The formation of a company in Dubai is not an easy task like other countries in the world. But professional consultants are there for your

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Human Resource Consultation: Help to Your Business

HR Consulting: HR Consulting or also known as Human Resource Consulting means the “Human Resource, Facilities, and Capital” counselling and advisory. HR Consultation means consulting the experts of HR, who have a separate professional role in the corporate world known as HR experts or HR managers. They are supposed to create, manage and balance the resource and capital management strategies. HR departments and the functions are always organized by top HR and Management personnel. But if a Lawyer is

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Alimony Payments and Divorce Circumstances

Alimony Payments and Divorce Circumstances – Muslim Couples When the husband does not support his wife or he is absent from taking or paying the responsibilities. It is one of the reasons a married woman can ask for separation, which is legal by Sharia Law or any other matrimonial law in the world. UAE Personal Status Law Article 124, explains that if the husband is not paying the support to his wife, but he is not having enough funds

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Post Termination Restrictions

Employees working on Key Positions e.g. Sales Directors, General Managers, CEOs or those who have the details of business operations, sales etc can’t leave their responsibilities like other employees. Certainly, there are serious concerns of the company on them as they might drive all the business with them to a new place. Non-Competition and Non-Disclosures are a few types that are or have to be accepted by the employees but at the time of signing the employment contract. These

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MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE LAWYERS: Its Rates, Lawyers & Laws in UAE MARRIAGE is the most important social bonding in every culture and religion in the world. It is necessary for the growth and survival of humanity. Every religion offers special texts and instructions on personal and domestic life. Marriage Lawyers are equally important as business lawyers are, or Employment Lawyers are. Even though the family matters are not being taken on serious grounds as there were used to be

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