The Best and Helpful Approach

May 18, 2020

The best and helpful approach, for a businessman/employer, is to take care of his business and try to avoid financal and employment disputes. But if he has to face the financial or employment disputes then, he should hire the expert attorneys or contact a law office for the help. Self Decisions and Actions might lead to another loss, nothing anything else.

The Best and Helpful Approach is always to consult the best legal consultants. Legal Advice provided by a capable attorney might also save you from unwanted situations and loss. Luckily UAE has many good Law Firms and the team of Best Lawyers and Legal Consultants, offering support to Small, Medium and Big Level businesses in the region.

It does not matter wherever you are doing business, which part of the world and under what circumstances, the thing which really matters is the best business management and growth rate. There are many factors which can affect the business growth e.g. environment, global recession, internal economical factors, taxes, government policies, health-related issues etc. There is another factor which has nothing to do with external and internal market forces but it might affect the business a lot.

These are the Labour Unions or the disputes created by the employees. This article throws the light on the wrongdoing and blackmailing, by the employees. UAE does not encourage or allow the Labour Unions, therefore we will be discussing the wrongdoing made by the employees against the employers.

UAE Labour Law defines criteria to terminate the employees. It should be followed by the Companies/Employer at any cost e.g. serving the warning letters, making the performance reports, etc. But if the employer feels that with proof that employee is no more valuable to the company or he is damaging the reputation of the company then he can take action against him as well. We do repeat that employer/company has to follow the rules made by UAE Labour Law. It is also a truth that if it is proved in Court that termination was not based on valid termination grounds then the employee might also ask for compensation. Therefore, it is recommended to employers that, follow the rules of Labour Law UAE.

Employees or Employee can not, influence or blackmail the employer in an illegitimate way, or in a way which is against the Law. If the employee has the right to contact MOHRE then the employer is also provided with the right to contact MOHRE and lodge the Complaint. If certain conditions are being met then, the employer may also put absconding on the employee, as the law provides him with this facility. Let’s say it can be done when the employee is not reporting to office and he is absent from his duties and work.

If the employer has to take the legal action against the employee than the best and helpful approach is to consult the Lawyers and Legal Consultants, having expertise in Labour Law UAE. These Attorneys are also called Labour & Employment Lawyers, often. Once the expert advice is grabbed then required action can be taken e.g. lodging the complaint, going to Court, serving notices, putting travel ban, filling absconding etc.

These are one of the options of Employers which they are provided by UAE Labour Law. If the employee has caused serious tangible and intangible loss to the company, then the employer might also ask for damage claim or compensation. Especially if there is damage to reputation or intangible assets then the employer may also ask for compensation. Whatever needs to be done or might be done under the defined rules of Law, should be checked first with the expert legal advisers. It is “The Best and Helpful Approach”, to consult the Labour Law Attorneys and Legal Consultants first and take the actions later. There are many options and solutions available for employer-provided by the Law but only needs to be figured out what to do and when to do.