Advocates in UAE

November 4, 2019

Advocates in UAE? What does it mean? It’s a terminology only, otherwise, it can be called as Lawyers in UAE, Lawyers in Dubai, Dubai Lawyers, Abu Dhabi Lawyers as well. Like its a choice of the person. The most important thing is credibility, license and the experience of the lawyer. Where there are a large number of good lawyers in UAE, there are also a large number of non-professional lawyers in UAE. What you have to do, to check with the lawyers and choose a good one. Many lawyers are Arabic speakers here, therefore, they impress the people easily. We know that, if you are only a language speaker or having language knowledge, then it does not mean that you have the expertise as well. This is something which needs to be understood. We always suggest and prefer that local advocates are better than,  expatriates. It is because of the one strong reason that Emirati Lawyers and Legal Consultants, they are natives, citizens, therefore, they belong to the UAE and UAE belongs to them. If they are talented, licensed and expert of their field, they can be given a priority over others. It is decided that Advocates in UAE are the advocates who are at home in Law.

Legal Consultants are licensed and expert legal advisers. They are expert of Employment Law, Civil and Criminal Law, Property Law, Rental Law, Business Law, Family Law and others. They advise on Commercial Cases as well as family disputes. Once again the important point needs to be understood, that many people are claiming themselves legal consultants, but only a few are licensed and good. Once again, this is something which needs to be understood by the company or person who has to hire a legal consultant. Many Lawyers in UAE pretend that they are good. If you have been bluffed then it does not mean that all the lawyers are not good. UAE has the world’s leading and really good attorneys, who have great knowledge of local and international law.

UAE Law beautifully and completely defines all types of law like a commercial, family, employment, civil and criminal, property and business law. There are different departments, like the Land Department for Property Disputes, Rental Department for Rental Disputes and Labour Court for Employment Disputes. Full Service or Specialised Law Firms are also available. We know that everything can not be perfect but, the government has done the best to perfect things and the enforceability of law. Therefore the UAW Law is perfectly designed and the crime rate in UAE is also zero. Financial crimes can be seen more than the normal limit but those are also not in serious. A proper legal system defines the law in a very good sense and pattern. UAE government make sure that this legal system should be drafted by experts, monitored by experts and amended by experts. Therefore it was prepared by the world’s leading legal expert, and still, until date, it is being checked and amended by the industry’s expert. All the credit goes to government for beautifully designing and enforcing the Law.